Early Picher History 

Picher, 1916 1917 Picher 1917 Fire Picher 1927? From the Water Tower
Skelton Panorama Treece Douthat pan Hockerville  
From the Netta 1931 Picher More south main S. Main Bird(s) eye view 
Connell Ave-east side Picher, the early years  Connell    
1916? Main Early Commerce Commerce 1914 Commerce, 1916 Second & Connell
Main Street Connell Ave. looking north from third Quapaw Main St. Third Street Scene Hockerville, 1918
Downtown Douthat Douthat Connell Ave. looking South Main St. South of 2nd  Bank of Quapaw
Century/Douthat Early Picture!      
Birth Picher, Early Picher Camp Christmas 1917 Growing Picher
Picher Beer New Lights Picher Depot Picher-Joplin Taxi Depot
Connell Hotel Nebel's Cafe Candy Kitchen Main Street Grocery Monroe Dairy
A Metropolis   Douthat Bank   Tar River paper
School Buildings Hadley's Ice Plant Long Distance Car Tag
Quapaw 1918 Monarch Zincville Zincville- Electricity
Buggy Mineral Heights Daylight Savings Time Metropolis Hockerville 1.0
1918 Page's Picher City Directory 1918 Hockerville City Directory 1918 Century City Directory Douthat Draftees  Cardin, Douthat
 Douthat scene Douthat Fire Douthat Independent    Hockerville shooting
Studebaker Saxon Main St. South of 2nd II Main Street NEO Trolley
 First Post Office?   Tamale Stand   Joplin Junction 18
  Cook Drug Jan 15, 1920 Swimmin' Pool Population
Town site lot sales Slim Jim Addn Deeded Ground land owners Talkies!
Picher Museum Picher Race Track Christmas Lights Band-1926 Picher library
Bennett's Bennett's II Bowling Parlor Picher Homes Wick Hotel
1927 Birthday Program Air Port? First Baptist Union Church Picher Baptist Church
Picher Amb. Picher Hospital Hospital Miners Banquet Street Dance
Anthony's Opening Anthony's C. R. Anthony's   Expansion
Joplin Junction Train Schedule Globe Store Green Produce Quick Trip?
Playground Picher Playground Gorillas? Used_Cars Fletcher Tire
Samuel's   Pete and Earl's Speed Limit Cycle Cop
J. C. Penny's Ads from 1926 Hockerville? Bank CHEVROLET! Yellville
East 2nd 1925 Century Directory Hockerville Bank 1925 Hockerville Directory Hockerville Highway
Fly Proof Paving Connell Keltner Promotion! SNOW
MARATHON IOOF First State Bank Junior Class Play Swimming pool
Keen Company Keen Bottling   Joplin Junction purpose  
Picher Pop. 1930 Ben's Barber Shop Brass Rail Picher Bus Movies-1920
The Winter Garden Theatre The Mystic Theatre Talking Entertainment Girls, etc.
Depression food prices Treece Store Highway 7 Magnolia Service Big Mill Planned
Sample Shoe Store 4 cent gas Route 66 Quapaw Nehi Tennis
    Route 66 C&P    
PFD-'38 Wash house Hockerville Schools First and Columbus People's Oil Co.
Picher 1940 Map Bowling Alley Picher Theaters Plaza and Roxy Homer's Drive-In
Spartan School Airport RENT Rent II Walt Tinsley's
Safeway, 1941 Safeway Ad Safeway 1948 Harp's Karbe's
Gabby Street Ball diamond The Mick Phone rates Maxine's
Picher News-1940 Births Bank History Ration table Gas
O. J. Cantrell's housing PFD-40 PFD-42 Bank Birthday Hockerville Honor Roll
North Century New Buick? Scott Livingston's Fire Chiefs used cars
1949 Homecoming Parade Downtown (Picher)- 1949 Dinner at Baxter Coyne Lumber New Radio?
Camp Crowder Instant Photos Businesses-1943 Pearl Harbor Miami Fire
Surplus Store Commencement, 1944 Benny Miller Businesses 1941 Bill's Bar
Too Rough Gabe Minimum Wage Picher Flood LEAFORD
  City Council Leo's Surplus Byrd Pontiac Movies-1948
Quapaw Burns        
Play Ball! THE "SHOW"   Sanitation Dept. Pete & Earl's
Softball!! Western Auto Dr. Ritchey Landis Steel Greyhound
Picher news '52 Picher clips-52 Picher News, 7-19-53 Ben Stanley Henry J!
Baseball Players Highway 69 DENTON'S The Firehouse Gang J. C. Penny's



 Douthat Post Office

Bayliss Used Cars

Lion Auto Supply
Mick & Merlyn Bayliss Used Cars Duff's JC Pennys 51 Happy Birthday
1960 ads Ministerial Alliance Ball Players Dial telephones Groceries-


Odd Fellows

Hockerville's Last

M. M. Tire Co.     Gas Yard Lights  
5 mile Dardene's Dardene's Later Dardene's 2017 Picher VFW
Groceries Dairy Inn   Gerald Breeden  
Ghost Story Tar Creek Where Tar Creek turns red Main Street, 2018 Last Operators
Douthat P.O. Douthat sketch Jerry and Ray Dale Larry and Danny The Olds Family
The Pattison Home Pattison Twins Elizabeth and Charley $578,000 Ruby Graduates
Bad News Lucy & Emma Gene

   Seneca Indian School, from the air


Cub Pack 57


James and Danny

Really Not Cardin

1956 TV Guide
June 4, 1928 June 7, 1928 June 11, 1928 June 14, 1928 June 18, 1928
June 21, 1928 June 28, 1928 June 28a, 1928 July 2, 1928 July 5, 1928
July 9, 1928 July 12, 1928 July 16, 1928 July 19, 1928 July 26, 1928
July 30, 1928 August 2, 1928 August 6, 1928 August 9, 1928 August 13, 1928
August 16, 1928 August 20, 1928 August 27, 1928 August 30, 1928 Sept 3, 1928
Sept 6, 1928 Sept 10. 1928 Sept 13, 1928 Sept 17, 1928 Sept 20, 1928
Sept. 24, 1928 Sept. 27, 1928 Oct. 1, 1928 Oct 4. 1928 Oct 8, 1928
Oct 11, 1928 Oct 15, 1928 Oct 18. 1928 Oct 22, 1928 Oct 25, 1928
Oct 29, 1928 Nov 1, 1928 Nov 22, 1928 Nov 26. 1928 Nov 29, 1928
Dec 3, 1928 Chat Pile, Dec 3, 1928 Dec 6, 1928 Dec 10, 1928 Dec 13, 1928
Dec 13-1928 Dec 17, 1928 Dec 20, 1928 Dec 27, 1928 Dec 31, 1928
04-18-57 5-23-57 8-15-57    

















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