Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum

West Side Mine crew, 1941
There are many names listed here but sadly no indication of who is who.


House, Hughes, Smith, Scott, Huxell, Cresap, Dungan, Beezley, Miller, Harris, Sikes, Richardsonm, Fain, Weston, Sedberry, Brown, Glenn, Walker, Dawaon, Mitchell, Woods, Walker, Mead, Snelling, Patterson, Morland, Hall, Walker, Coffee, Weir, Dixon, Ferguson, Blackmier, Starr, Tanner, Dewitt, Williamson, Robinson, Chambers, Fast, Harris, Poole, Martin, Collins, Nigh, Masters, Cundiff, Arnold, Jackson,     Brown, Franton, McCorkle,Seaman, Camden, Olds,    Brow, Geary, Wood, Ellis