newspaper clipping

I was recently given this newspaper clipping with no hint as to it's origin.  Since Pizza Hut was advertised on the back, and the disinformation it contains, I assume the Miami News Record was the source.
First, it was the Blue Goose mine, created in 1915 by the Commerce Mining and Royalty Company (Not the "Eagle-Picher") and purchased by Eagle-Picher Co. in 1936 or 1937.

Second, the color might be "red clay" but it is in fact RUST.

Many of the local mines contained traces of iron ore that actually rusted due to the water in most of the mines.  When that rusty water was pumped to the surface the mines created "settling ponds" where the rust settled out of the water before it could reach Tar Creek.

Upon the mines closing down the pumps were pulled causing the orange water in Tar Creek.