Original was at the Picher Museum (Picture is looking northeast)

No, it's not the song by the Everly Brothers.

It is the first "Central Mill", built by the Commerce Mining and Royalty Company in 1929-30, a mile west and a mile north of Cardin.  Previous to it's construction, all leases had to have their own mill, according to restrictions placed by the Department of Indian Affairs.  The restrictions were to make sure each land owner received all that was his due.  Poor prices caused three restricted leases to test marginal, along with one unrestricted lease.  The plan to construct one mill to serve all four leases was advanced to the Quapaw Indian Agency, and approved.

Notice that the derrick (1) isn't attached to the mill (2)  and that the mill is fed by an enclosed conveyor,(3) much like the ones that carry tailings "chat" away.  This was something new, in that each mine's ore was processed separately.

#4 is the Pelican Mine, #5 is the Boska, #6 is the Eagle-Picher Gordon, #7 is the Mid-Continent, #8 is the town of Monarch, #9 is the Wilbur, #10 is the town of Treece, and #11 is the Federal Gordon as near as I can tell.  I'm not the expert, but I can read a map.