Thanks to Jackie (Holderfield) Burwell

Ben Otto

Tabor is Jackie's Grandfather. 
No, the man standing is not wearing a dust mask. 
That's damage to the picture that I couldn't repair
They are drilling a hole in the rock to insert dynamite.
This picture also shows how far mine safety has came.

Notice the photographer couldn't spell "Vinegar",
nor add the second "r" to Barr.

from the 1925 Mining Directory:

BARR Mine—P. O. Box 115, Baxter Springs, Kansas. Operates Mines in Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Kansas. General Manager, W. N. Smith, Plattsville, Wisconsin. Manager, S. H. Davis, Baxter Springs, Kansas, 1008 13th Street. General Supt. J. G. Trewartha, Baxter Springs, Kansas. A subsidiary of Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., Youngstown, Ohio. Supt., R. I. Stengl. Color of mill, Gray. Capacity 500 tons in ten hours. Description of land, SW 1-4 of SW 1-4 of Section 7, Township 35, Range 24 E.,Cherokee County, Kansas, 1 mile north of Picher, Oklahoma. Incorporated under laws of. Illinois. Operating company, Vinegar Hill Zinc Co. Telephone —Baxter Springs, 4127.