Miami and Picher Telephone

Directory of Mines




Beck Mining & Royalty Co., 6 S. Main-----, 508

Commerce Mining & Royalty Co., 1st Natl. Bidg.     95

Myers, H. P., Security Bldg.....-------------------------------780

Smith, Wesley M., Mining Exch. Bldg.------------------ 454

Wills, Dick, First Natl. Bank Bldg...------------------------730




American Zinc & Lead Smelting Co---------------------189

American Zinc & Lead Smelting Co.
                                        Robinson Mine ------1639-W

Andrews Milling Co. ..--------------------------------------------45

Atlas Milling Co., East of City------------------------------- 303

B H & W Mining Co., N. of Cardin.----------------------- 235

Black Eagle No. 2----------------------------------------------- 1633

Bilharz, O. M., Mining Co., SW of Cardin------------- 588

Black Mining Co., S of Cardin...--------------------------- 562

Britt Milling Co., SW of Cardin ------------------------- 278-J

Cameron & Henderson, Inc., SW of City--------------- 222

Canadian Mining & Development Co.,
    Hockerville ------------------------------------------------------ 111

Captain Milling Co., NW of Treece.---------------------1602

Cardin Mining & Milling Co., No. 12, Douthat--------512

Cardin Mining & Milling Corp., SE of City---------------62
No. 2 SW of City--------------------------------------------------- 226





Commerce Mining & Royalty Co.
     Motor Service---------------------------------------------- 171
     Beaver Mine, Cardin ---------------------------------- 134
     Bird Dog Mine. NW of Cardin-----------------------520
     Blue Goose Mine------------------------------------------196
     Chubb Lease, Treece, Kansas----------------------164
     Jay Bird Mine, SW of Cardin------------------------- 98
     John Beaver Shaft, N. of Cardin ----------------- 243
     Personnel Department ---------------------------------189
     Power Plant ------------------------------------------------ 859

     Repair Shop ------------------------------------------------884
     Webber Mine-------------------------------------- ---- 163-W
     Webber Scale Office---------------------------------163-J

     West Side Mine ----------------------------------------253.J

     Wilbur Mine -----------------------------------------------1636
Cortez-King Brand Mining Co., E of City ------------ 28

Davis Big Chief Mining Co.
     Whitebird Mine. East A St.--------------------------. 247

     Buffalo Mine. North Main.-----------------------------347
Dines Mining Co.. State Line------------------------------817

EagIe-Picher Mining & Smelting Co.

     Bendelari Mine, West of Treece--------------1634-W
     Central Mill, Cardin -------------------------------------- 540
    Central Mine Scale House, S of Cardin---------- 541
     Consolidated Office, East A -----------------------------56
     Main Office, West A ---------------------------------------- 35
Early Bird Mining Co.------------------------------------------1638

Evans. F. W.. (Mike), Douthat, Okla. ------------------- 122

Evans-Wallower Lead Company
     Compressor Plant, Cardin------------------------------- 71
     Office ----------------------------------------------------------- 119
    Scale House & No. 4 Laboratory, Cardin---------173
    No. 7 Scale House, Cardin---------------- ---------------46
     Mine No. 24, Cardin -------------------------------------1640
    Mine No. 26, Cardin---------------------------------  1611-W
Gordon Mine, NW of Picher-----------------------------299-W
Guaranty Mining & Royalty Co., Hockerville.-------123
Indian Mining & Royalty Co., E of City---------------- 102
Interstate Zinc & Lead Co.,

     General Office, Treece, Kansas -------------------- 453

     Woodchuck Mine, Cardin------------------------------ 114




Kansas Exploration
  Jarrett Mine, N. of Treece. Kansas..----------1601
  Ritz Mine, S. of Cardin.-------------------------------265

Lawyers Lead & Zinc Co.-------------------------------74

Lucky Bill Mining Co., Cardin-------------------216-W

Lucky Syndicate Mining Co----------------------445.W

Mary M Mining Co.
    Office, South of Zincville ---------------------------197
    Admiralty Mine Office --------------------------------66
    Admiralty Mine Warehouse   ---------------------69
    Crystal Mine. Cardin ---------------------------------217
    Massell Mine --------------------------------------------227
    Warehouse, South of Zincville     -------------507
Mid-Continent Lead &, Zinc Co.
     Main Office, NW of Picher ----------------------1631
    Tulsa-Quapaw Mine, NW of Treece-------1639-J

Nesbitt Mining Co.----------------------------------------- 580

Ore Development Co. .---------------------------------- 543

Quapaw-Davenport Mine --------------------------- 280-J

Rialto Mining Corp., Cardin ---------------------------85

Rightly Mine. East of Picher ------------------------   354

Skelton Lead & Zinc Co., Douthat ----------------- 125

Tri-State Zinc Co.. Inc.
   Ottawa Mine, Treece -------------- -------------------  82
   Sooner Mill, East F-------------------------------------176

United Zinc Smelting Corp., Royal Mine -------44-J

Veiled Mines Corp.
   Hooker Mine, Hockerville ------------------------    503
   Lion Mine, Cardin--------------------------- ------------ 70
   Wilson Mine, SW of Cardin -------------------- 236-W

Vinegar Hill Zinc Co.
    Barr Mine, North of State Line-------------------- 365

Wills Milling Co., SE of City ------------------------   79-J

W. H. Mining Co.-------------------------------------------- 459

Youngman, H. D.. Cardin, Okla.--------------------    84
Youngman & Youse Mining Co-----------------------518



From A 1936 Tri-State Mining Directory at the
Baxter Springs KS Heritage Center and Museum